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Bloodstock 2009: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Who did you go with? Katie Meade, Alex Williamson, Chris Fowler, Matt Whitehead, Joe Parry, Steve (Tesco), Dan (Steve’s friend), Lauz Hope

How Did You Get There? Train from Gloucester to Lichfield. Shuttle Bus from Lichfield to Bloodstock.

Where Did You Camp? Camp A (New in 2009)

Best Band: Blind Guardian

Worst Band: Million Dollar Reload

The Good: 

  1. The weather
  2. The feeling of being back after 2008
  3. Wearing my Finnish flag as a cape all weekend.
  4. The invention of the greatest game ever: Horsey Horsey.
  5. Taking a camera and filming a few things and taking a few pictures.
  6. Zoom in!
  7. Getting drunk from Horsey Horsey
  8. Catching Insomnium’s drumstick.
  9. Meeting HollytheHeadbanger from the forums whilst I was buying a Finntroll t-shirt.
  10. Seeing her be chosen to join Die Apokalyptischen Reiter onstage for Seemann and then she sailed out into the crowd on a dinghy.
  11. Our horse’s head being used as a beacon.
  12. Jumping for DAR so much I got a stitch.
  13. The DAR gimp with the whip and a swing.
  14. Katatonia played Murder!!!
  15. Watching Municipal Waste achieve a world record for most crowdsurfers in 2 minutes from a distance.
  16. Not liking Sodom or Saxon so we head back to camp to play Horsey Horsey some more and got drunk.
  17. Being drunk whilst watching Arch Enemy.
  18. Carcass’ fireworks (were they intentional or not??)
  19. Meeting Kate Neil and Alissa Forzley from Canada
  20. Meeting David Asqvarth and the Michael Akerfeldt guy
  21. The big bearded dude sitting on the bread creating an imprint of his arse.
  22. Battlelore
  23. Meeting Celesty’s guitarist through the medium of my Finnish flag cape and him giving me a Celesty pick and signing my cape.
  24. Watching Celesty on the Jager stage.
  25. Kate getting a free shirt.
  26. Singing along to The Bard’s Song and Valhalla with Blind Guardian.
  27. Doing that long jig thing in a line with your arm round other randomers.
  28. Cradle of Filth - Dani’s vocals were awesome compared to previous shows.
  29. Winning Cradle of Filth’s setlist through a game of rock, paper, scissors.
  30. Sabaton
  31. Sabaton’s singer’s ripped trousers.
  32. Anathema
  33. Turisas’ final show with fur.
  34. Satyricon’s amazing stage presence.

The Bad

  1. The pissed off Cheesey Wheels guy.
  2. Breaking the Horsey Horsey pole when drunk.
  3. People didn’t seem as keen to watch bands and stay up and party as much as 2008 so I had to hang out with Kate, Alissa, David etc instead.
  4. Apocalyptica’s disappointing Metallica covers set. 
  5. Joe and Katie didnt like Katatonia so some bitch had a go at them for standing still and chatting.
  6. My photos of Arch Enemy I attempted to take whilst drunk.
  7. Parting ways with the Canadians come the end.

The Ugly

  1. My horrendous stomach pains during Amon Amarth essentially missing their set.
  2. Pretending to have had sex in Matt Whitehead’s sleeping bag.
  3. Alex strutting about in his underwear at night.
  4. Attempting to watch some of Europe’s set.

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Bloodstock 2008 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Who did you go with? Katie Meade, Ben Kitchen, Alex Williamson (Helen Jones, Jay)

How Did You Get There? My dad drove us there!

Best Band: Dimmu Borgir

Worst Band: Destruction

The Good: 

  1. Arriving and seeing all the metalheads queueing.
  2. Discovering what a Jagerbomb was from a man we dubbed ‘The Slayer Man’ as he resembled Kerry King somewhat.
  3. Arriving at the mainstage to see Saint Daemon to realise just how small this festival was compared to Download.
  4. Katie caught a Saint Daemon pick.
  5. Evile. Period.
  6. Ben Kitchen caught an Evile pick.
  7. Photo with Ol Drake and when he thought I was giving him my ice cream when I actually just wanted him to hold it whilst I took the photo.
  8. Meeting Mike Alexander (RIP)
  9. Akercocke wearing suits.
  10. I caught Primal Fear’s pick.
  11. Dinky Donuts!
  12. Meeting Tyr’s guitarist Terji Skibenæs and drummer Kári Streymoy during Helloween.
  13. Opeth.
  14. Discovering Swallow the Sun.
  15. 'What shall we have to eat later?' 'Swallow the Sun'
  16. Hurdy-gurdy.
  17. Smiley man.
  18. First proper pit of the festival during Soilwork.
  19. Dimmu Borgir’s incredible pyro.
  20. Alestorm walking on to Fresh Prince of Bel-air
  21. Alex dressed as a pirate.
  22. Alex sort of catching and As I Lay Dying pick (it landed on his shoulder!)
  23. The funny dances we did during Kataklysm, getting the singer to laugh :P
  24. That strange game we played during Overkill where several someones would sit upon a partner’s shoulders and when the furry referee dude said GO! we would charge at each other. Last pair still standing, wins! On my first and last attempt at the game with Katie on my shoulders, I was hit instantly, fell and was out before it had even started!
  25. At the Gates
  26. HOH!!
  27. Nightwish - Seven Days to the Wolves!!! DA DA DISHHHH!!
  28. Meeting Alestorm’s Chris Barnes.

The Bad

  1. Praying Mantis
  2. Destruction
  3. Being away when Matt Drake greeted the people I was with when I was off buying ice cream
  4. Rise to Remain
  5. Not taking my opportunity to go speak to 
  6. People throwing shit at Annette Solzon and Tuomas Holopainen.

The Ugly

  1. Alex catching an XL Praying Mantis t-shirt
  2. Arguing with Katie
  3. The guy that waited for Katie after Opeth and followed us around for a bit.
  4. Too many Jagerbombs
  5. Primal Fear’s singer’s man boobs.
  6. Smiley man cut his hair
  7. Us lot by the end of the weekend.